New beginnings…

I’ve been idle for some time, but there’s been a lot going on. The biggest change is that I’m pregnant again and already halfway through (phew!). I’ve passed the beginning sleepiness and the autumn viral infections so I hope I’ll be able to focus more on creativity now. This is a time of great happiness, but also huge challenges. I am now beginning to remember all the difficulties of this special period. This is why I decided to share some[Read more]

Why arguments are important in relationships

arguments are important because they save a relationship

Arguments in relationships are inevitable. We’re humans and we’re two different humans. We are a couple and at the same time we have our own thoughts, reason and also our own areas in life, such as work or some hobbies. Discussing certain issues, in fact, has a vital role in every relationship. Below you can find out why arguments are so important. 1. Resolving issues The main and most important function of arguments is solving certain problems that arise. These[Read more]

How can I keep my child healthy?

a few tips on how to keep a child healthy

This is one of the question that every parent keeps asking themselves over and over. We want our children to be happy, healthy and well-off. We want to protect them from all the harm and keep away from evil. Sometimes we want it so hard that we forget about what is vital to actually keep the child happy and healthy: a common sense. In this post you can read a number of tips on how to keep a child healthy.[Read more]

Why should I read to my child?

reading to children is vital to their overall development

The value of reading to children from a very early age cannot be overestimated. It allows them to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The benefits are present throughout their later lives. How reading to children helps their intellectual development Children who are read to have better concentration skills and memory. This helps them learn faster and easier in the future. Thanks to reading, their brain connections develop more rapidly. We cannot understate the fact that they learn a lot about[Read more]

How to decoupage with kids

easy decoupage with kids

Here’s what I made last week using decoupage. These are empty baby milk cans which I wanted to use as decorative storage cans. Decoupage is so simple you can do it with kids. I did it once with cub scouts and it was great fun for them. Its main advantage is that it gives stunning effects even without any talent at art. What I used something to decorate (you may use a box, a can, a picture frame, you name[Read more]

How to argue wisely and successfully

useful tips how to argue wisely and successfully

Arguments are needed in every relationship. In fact, they have a very important function. Because every person develops throughout their life, arguments allow you and your partner to stay tuned and develop in a similar direction. Provided, you argue wisely and reach an agreement. I’ve elaborated on why arguments are important here. Below you can find 10 tips about how to argue in a wise way and to achieve mutual success in the end. 10 tips how to argue wisely[Read more]

A Tale of Two Princesses

This is the first of a series of fairy tales I’m writing. This one is about princesses. You can find out more about how important it is to read to kids here. Once upon a time… Once upon a time there were two princesses, princess Justine and princess Sophie. One day an evil ogre kidnapped both princesses and locked them up in two towers, where they were supposed to wait to be rescued by a charming prince. Princess Justine looked[Read more]

How to raise a happy child?

you can raise a happy child following thhis one simple rule

Every job needs certain qualifications, be that a course or workshop, certain schools or even years of university education. Every job has its responsibilities. None of them, however, has as deep consequences for someone as the job of a parent. Yet, nobody teaches us how to raise a child. I mean, there may be parenting courses, but they are usually too short to get to the real core of child rearing. Even university courses of pedagogy or developmental psychology are[Read more]