About me

Parenting is my life and calling.
Hi! I’m a parenting blogger and (of course) a mom myself.

Hi! It’s so nice to meet You! My name’s Natalia Wiatr, I’m a parenting blogger, a wife, a mother of 2.5-year-old Wiktor, and now I’m expecting another baby. I’m also a scouting instructor, a cat lover, and a tiny little bit of an artist. I’m a feminist, adamant in speaking out for the rights of discriminated women. And at the same time, I’m a strong advocate of attachment parenthood, with babywearing, breastfeeding, and bedsharing.

I’ve worked as a state school teacher for 11 years. I’ve met a great number of mothers and fathers asking for help and advice about how to raise children. I thought it was a pity I couldn’t actually teach them just like I did with their kids. But then I thought, why couldn’t I? And this is when I decided to write a blog about parenting. I decided to share my knowledge and experience with You.

While working with families, I have noticed that the core issue that underlies most problems is poor management of emotions. Most of us, parents, weren’t taught about feelings in our childhood. This is why many of us aren’t aware how important it is to teach our children how to accept and process what they feel. Neither was I.

When I became a mother myself, I felt overwhelmed, constantly frustrated, overreacting and feeling guilty for that later on. I would yell at my husband and then feel too ashamed to even say I was sorry. Only through analyzing and accepting my own emotions, was I able to create a loving and understanding atmosphere in my home. There are still outbursts of emotions of all kinds, but we accept one another and we can reflect on what has happened. This way even the worst can be overcome and we know we are safe to talk about and express what is on our hearts.

Now I want you to be able to do that, too.

My mission is to help parents manage their emotions
so that they can build an atmosphere of love and acceptance
for their children to thrive.

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