Why should I read to my child?

reading to children is vital to their overall development

The value of reading to children from a very early age cannot be overestimated. It allows them to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The benefits are present throughout their later lives. How reading to children helps their intellectual development Children who are read to have better concentration skills and memory. This helps them learn faster and easier in the future. Thanks to reading, their brain connections develop more rapidly. We cannot understate the fact that they learn a lot about[Read more]

How to raise a happy child?

you can raise a happy child following thhis one simple rule

Every job needs certain qualifications, be that a course or workshop, certain schools or even years of university education. Every job has its responsibilities. None of them, however, has as deep consequences for someone as the job of a parent. Yet, nobody teaches us how to raise a child. I mean, there may be parenting courses, but they are usually too short to get to the real core of child rearing. Even university courses of pedagogy or developmental psychology are[Read more]