How to decoupage with kids

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Here’s what I made last week using decoupage. These are empty baby milk cans. I wanted to use them as decorative storage cans. Decoupage is so simple you can do it with kids. I did it once with cub scouts and it was great fun for them. Its main advantage is that it gives stunning effects even without any talent at art.

final product of my decoupage
Final products of my decoupage!

What I used

  • something to decorate (you may use a box, a can, a picture frame, you name it – I chose the baby milk cans),
  • mat white acrylic paint (the ‘ceiling paint’),
  • decoupage glue & varnish (I bought mine at a crafts store – it’s 2 in 1),
  • a paint brush or a paint roller (5cm or 2 inch should be fine),
  • a glue brush,
  • colorful paper napkins with decorative patterns on them.

How I did this

1. I painted the surfaces I wanted to decorate

I needed to hide the milk brand pictures and all the texts printed on them, plus metal element are usually difficult to decoupage (because they don’t like the glue). It took 3 layers of paint and I allowed each layer to dry before I put another one.

2. I prepared the ornaments.

Paper napkins usually consist of 2 or 3 layers of thin paper. I divided the layers and used only the thinnest paper with the patterns on it, because this way the edges are less visible. After that, I cut out the pictures I wanted to use with scissors.

3. I stuck the ornaments with the glue and brush.

Since the napkins are so thin, I put them on the can and then smeared the glue over them. You have to do it very gently not to tear the paper. Since it’s 2 in 1 glue and varnish, one layer was enough. After sticking the decorations, I used the 2in1 glue to cover all the remaining dry paint patches, so that everything is varnished.

Et voila!